CM3 PLAYER now in full production (Raspberry LVDS carrier board)

CM3 PLAYER now in full production (Raspberry LVDS carrier board)

We are proud to announce that we are now in full production of our innovative carrier board dedicated to Raspberry Compute Module 3+.

Even though CM3 PLAYER was only officially launched last week on EMBEDDED WOLRD in Nuremberg (Germany), we actually already shipped out many samples worlwide (USA, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia etc...) to companies who had heard about preliminary info on social networks.

Why CM3 PLAYER ? Many customers of us use a standard Raspberry PI but it is unable to drive a flat panel display directly since it only has HDMI output. The sound section is only good for beep sounds and the temperature range is narrow. CM3 PLAYER is the first industrial carrier board that embedds LVDS output for direct TFT LCD connection. It also embedds a stereo class D amplifier to drive speakers with true HI-FI sound quality.

Because this board was thought by people experts in the displays, you can rely on us to offer easy bundles including CM3 PLAYER, the display and the necessary cables.

CM3 PLAYER is a long term supply product since the Raspberry Foundation guarantees the availability of the Compute Module 3+ till at least 2026. If a new SOM was to be launched, LCDIS will update CM3 PLAYER to ensure long term supply and backwards compatibility. It is also a wide temperature range product.

LCDIS can provide depopulated versions or customized versions from only 100 pieces, with very competitive NRE charges.

Off-the-shelf evaluation kits available in 3 sizes :

  • 7 inch IPS 1024x600 with PCAP touch panel
  • 8 inch IPS 1024x768 with PCAP touch panel
  • 10.1 inch IPS 1280x800 with PCAP touch panel




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  1. Masood Akhter
    Hi, We are Canadian company deals in control systems. We are interested in Industrial Pi "CM3 Player", can we get more technical information about the interfaces and pricing?

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