AA050AA11 : Square 5″ TFT LCD from MITSUBISHI for rugged applictions

AA050AA11 is a speciality TFT LCD from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC It offers a 640 x 640 pixel resolution and an outstanding 1200 cd/m² brightness The interface is a 24 bit TTL interface with Anode/ Cathode backlight connection all grouped on a single 45 pin ZIF connector LCDIS developped a small adapter board that includes the LED…
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AA190EA01 : the ultimate 19″ SXGA TFT LCD with 1500 cd/m²

Mitsubishi Electric is introducing the world’s first 19.0” Super-XGA color TFT-LCD modules for industrial use. The new product AA190EA01 with a super high brightness of 1500cd/m2 and a long lifetime of 100.000 hours is mainly designed for excellent performance in rugged outdoor digital signage applications. The AA190EA01 achieves a top level wide operating temperature range…
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19.2″ with high aspect ratio for landscape or portrait use

Applications requiring very high aspect ratio displays are becoming more and more popular. Mitsubishi introduces two displays with a 16:3 aspect ratio with a diagonal of 19.2". They exhibit an active area of 478.1 mm x 89.6 mm. The resolution is 1920 x 360 pixels High performance in sight : 100.000 hours backlight (built-in LED…
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