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The inverter is the DC/AC backlight power supply for CCFL panels. Often neglected, this part is extremely important as it contributes to the overall performance of your panel. In order to ensure the optical performance and the reliability, it is necessary to drive your panel backlight with an inverter especially made to match its electrical characteristics.

For the demanding industrial, commercial and military applications, the piezo technology is the answer that voids all the weaknesses of CCFL backlight, making them just as easy to use as a LED backlight.

  • 1 to 12 ouputs, push-pull versions available for TV panels
  • constant brightness thanks to CCFL current regulation
  • Dimming from 0 to 100 % without flicker
  • No more EMI by the removal of the transformer
  • High efficiency (typically over 90%)
  • MTBF over a million hour
  • Instant Output Protection against open circuit or over-voltage
  • Operating temperature : -40°c up to +85°c
  • 12 V or 24 V input voltage as standard
  • High shocks and vibrations resistance

For the standard applications, LCDIS is the distributor of FRONTEK magnetic inverters.
They have standard products compatible with most panels available on the market.

Their inverters have an excellent quality to price ratio and are very compact.
Custom version available, can be supplied with tailored input cable.
From the part number of your panel, we can suggest the suitable inverter you need.

Wathever your inverter needs are, LCDIS has the solution.

Discover premium connectivity with our wide range of Cables tailored to meet all your needs.

lcd transmissif