lcd transmissif

LCDIS is an added value specialized distributor of LCD solutions. We developed proprietary controller boards to connect your LCD’s to any source. All our boards are based on FPGA architecture, which is unique on the market.

The reason behind is that we wanted our controllers to be truly industrial, ie they were built with high MTBF and long life cycle in mind. This was impossible to achieve with the consumer scaler chips on the market (short life, narrow temperature range). Thanks to this choice, they all can operate from -40°c to +85°c (option). Not only our boards can be manufactured over 10+ years, but they come with a limited 5 year warranty. Their MTBF is as high as one million hours.

The lineup is now made of VGA, HDMI and DVI input models (AVX600, DS600, DS700, HDS700, HD616, HDMINI etc…). Our boards currently support up to 1920×1200 pixels. We are developping the next generation to go to 4K !


Our products do more than scaling : we offer unique features such as image cropping, startup logo, still images display according to I/O scenarios.

Our controllers are engineered and manufactured in France. They are widely used in markets such as transportation industry, digital signage, industrial monitors, military displays.

We offer semi-custom designs (new layout for new dimensions) as well as custom development where we can add many other features (hardware and software) that your application might need. Thanks to the FPGA design making it versatile, the board can also become a man to machine interface with a custom software development, include touch controllers etc…Success stories available upon request

Your interfacing needs are surely available from LCDIS !

lcd transmissif