convertisseurs ethernet

Thanks to the TIBBO modules, convert easily any RS232/RS485 device into a network device, or simply give extra virtual serial ports to your PC.

More than the assembly of network chipsets, The TIBBO modules is a total solution including software suite designed to be usable as they are, without difficult sofwtare development, thanks to the TIBBO proprietary operating ssytem (TiOS) and the TAIKO software, that are all free of charge (no licence at all).
No more needed to be a C++ expert since the programmation of those devices is made in natural language close to the well known BASIC.
The firmware of the modules can be upgraded anytime from TIBBO’s web site.

  • +5V power supply
  • 1 TTL level serial port, full or half duplex, up to 115 Kbps
  • 5 parity modes, 7 or 8 bit data
  • Optional flux control (RTS/CTS)
  • Supported protocols : UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP and DHCP
  • Internal EEPROM to store your parameters

In order to start your TIBBO experience the easiest way, evaluation kits are available.
They include an evaluation board, the module of your choice, all cables and a power supply.

TIBBO modules are available in connectorized format, ready to use (DS family). They can be optionally DIN mounted thanks to an adapter.

TIBBO modules now support the WIEGANG and CLOCK/DATA interface that is classically found on many RFID readers, barcode scanners etc…

Thanks to LCDIS R&D department, we can design for you the system around the TIBBO module.

convertisseurs ethernet