Module Ethernet programmable EM500

par | Déc 16, 2010 | TIBBO TECHNOLOGY | 0 commentaires

New to the MiniMo range, the EM500 is a programmable Ethernet module also including 8 GPIOs and a serial port. It was designed for the needs of lightweight network applications.

Vertical layout preserves your card space. The height is that of the RJ45 connector.

In the near future, EM500 will also support WIFI with the GA1000 expansion module, LCDs, keypads and SPI flash disk.

It can be supplied alone or accompanied by its companion connector including 2 status LEDs and the line transformer.

The module and its connector occupy only 28.5 mm x 18.5 mm on your board.

Programmable with the Basic Tibbo common to all products.