Module Contrôleur Ethernet miniature programmable EM1202



While occupying miniscule 19x17mm on your PCB, the EM1202 BASIC-programmable embedded module retains most features of the much larger EM1000 device. These include 100Base/T Ethernet, four serial ports, onboard flash, EEPROM, and 24 I/O lines that can be used to interface with external LCD, keypad, buzzer, and card readers.

Thanks to its miniature dimensions, the EM1202 can be conveniently used as a network front-end in automation, security, and data collection systems.

The EM1202 is fully supported by TIDE software and a dedicated EM1202 platform that covers all hardware facilities of the module (see « TIDE and Tibbo BASIC Manual »).

Hardware features

  • Based on a high-performance purpose-built 88-MHz T1000 ASIC
  • 10/100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port (automatic detection of « straight » and « cross » cables). Standard Ethernet magnetics are NOT integrated into the module
  • Optional Wi-Fi interface (requires GA1000 add-on module)
  • Four high-speed serial ports (CMOS-level):
  • Baudrates of up to 921,600bps;
  • None/even/odd/mark/space parity modes;
  • 7/8 bits/character modes;
  • Full-duplex mode with optional flow control;
  • Half-duplex mode with direction control;
  • Encoding and decoding of Wiegand and clock/data streams.
  • 512K or 1024KB flash memory for firmware, application, and data storage
  • 2KB EEPROM for data storage
  • Up to 32 general-purpose I/O lines. 8 interrupt lines, Serial port lines,  24 lines that are combined into three 8-bit ports
  • Square wave output (6Hz – 22’1184MHz), which can be used to control external buzzer.
  • Supports external LCD and keypad
  • Four control lines for status LEDs (2 lines for green and red status LED control;  2 lines for Ethernet status LED control)
  • Software- controlled onboard PLL to select the clock frequency of the device: 11.0592MHz with PLL off, 88.4736MHz with PLL on
  • Reliable power-on/ brown-out reset circuit; no additional external reset circuitry required. Master reset input also provided
  • Power: 230mA @ 3.3V (100BaseT mode, PLL on)
  • Dimensions: 17.1×19.1×14.6mm.
  • Tibbo BASIC application can be debugged through the network and no additional debugging hardware, such as in-circuit emulator, is required.
  • Firmware and Tibbo BASIC application are upgradeable through the serial port or network.