CE-certified SMART EMBEDDED STM32 displays

par | Oct 23, 2020 | SMART EMBEDDED, TFT LCD, TFT LCD INTELLIGENT (contrôleur intégré) | 0 commentaires

The entire range of TFT SMART EMBEDDED EDT displays (4.3″ / 5″ / 7″ / 10.1″) is now CE certified (Test reports and certificates available on request).

The SMART EMBEDDED concept frees you from the pitfalls of hardware and software design. EDT produces both the TFT display, the touch screen, and the electronic board. This control guarantees high stability.

SMART EMBEDDED gives you a definite competitive advantage. You have the ability to reach your markets in record time.

These smart displays allow you to embed the HMI and your application without an additional card.

Their connectivity is particularly extensive: RS232 / RS485 / CAN, GPIO, SPI, I2C and even PoE Ethernet for some models .

Personalization possible.

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