CM3 PLAYER : CM3 based single board computer with LVDS output and audio

CM3 PLAYER : CM3 based single board computer with LVDS output and audio

CM3 PLAYER is our new board designed and manufactured in France with local support.

It is compliant with our general design rules : simple, reliable, customizable, with long term availability.

Only worldwide distributed brands are used for both active and passive components

CM3 PLAYER is based on the Compute Module CM3+. Its availability is guaranteed till at least 2026.

CM3 PLAYER is a general purpose yet cost effective industrial single board that can be widely used in applications such as public information display, advertisement player, transportation embedded computer, MMI etc…. The built-in high quality DAC and the power amplifier section can make of it a standalone player ready to drive any TFT display easily.

It operates on wide temperature range. Since it uses the Raspberry ecosystem, it is easy to develop your application and to find support.

It can simply be programmed using the micro-USB port. No need to unplug the CM3+. The dual channel LVDS port drives TFT displays up to 1920x1080 pixels.

CM3 PLAYER offers both internal and external USB ports. The I2C, SPI and UART ports allow easy connectivity to expansion boards or peripherals.

Thanks to the carrier board design, LCDIS can customize this standard product to your application with low MOQ at affordable cost (for example, second LVDS output, PoE function, battery operation, ethernet switch etc…)

Main features

  • 9-36VDC power input
  • Ethernet 100BT
  • Single or dual channel LVDS
  • 4 x USB (type A with MOLEX 53261 in parallel)
  • I2C, SPI, UART, 6 x GPIO
  • Class D 2 x 2.5W amplifier
  • Can use CM3 with built-in eMMC or external SD card
  • Less than 10 mm thickness
  • Operating temperature : -20°c à +70°c
  • 4 mounting holes for optional heatsink or fan
  • Outline: 155 x 80 mm



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  1. Colin Forster
    Hello, When will the lunch data be and what will be the retail cost?
    • Dear Colin, We are testing now the 5 first prototypes. We believe we will be able to launch a first batch by the end of this month. To be on the safe side, I think we'll have the first stock end september / early october We can also loan a prototype board in the meantime if you want to start development and accept hand corrections :) I'll email you some pics of the board ruiing on a 10.1" TFT with PCAP touch.

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