glass bonding

LCDIS introduced OPTICAL BONDING technology on the french market in 2004. Optical bonding is a must have if you plan to use LCD displays outdoors or need to get the very best of your LCD display indoors.

This technology offers several advantages such as :

  • Drastic decrease of light reflections on the surface, resulting in significant readability improvements.
  • Cancelation of the air gap internal light reflections resulting in brightness improvements
  • Contrast improvement due to the ambient light reflections decrease
  • Operating temperature improvement due to thermal coupling between LCD and glass.
  • Impact resistance improvement (IK10)
  • Salt fog resistance
  • No more moisture risk (IP65 or more natively)
  • UV cut / infrared cut filters to protect the LCD fluid and polarisers.
  • Compatible with touch screens
  • Compatible with ITO heaters, ITO EMI shields and EMI shielding mesh

“NO NRE/ NO MOQ” POLICY : just send us your requirements and we will build your prototype. Money back guarantee.

Our optical bonding technology does not suffer from the well know yellowing effect due to aging of poor quality glues or inappropriate glues. It also absorbs all mechanical constraints due to the dilatation of materials. 

Applications : outdoor kiosks, vending machines, information terminals, payment kiosks, digital signage, public information displays, medical displays, marine displays, IP65 monitors,

glass bonding