glass bonding

LCDIS is able to optically bond special glasses to your displays.

Materials : PMMA, Polycarbonate, float glass, tempered glass, chemically strengthened glass, metal mesh

This technique offers several advantages such as :

  • Drastic decrease of light reflection
  • Contrast improvement
  • Operating temperature improvement
  • Impact resistance
  • Salt fog resistance
  • No moisture risk
  • Decrease of EMI using ITO glasses or metal mesh
  • UV or infrared filtering

This technique allows to stack several layers, each having its own property, allowing to cumulate the enhancements.

Depending on volumes and dimensions, the process can be done either manually or automatically thanks to specific machines.

Bonded layers can be removed safely if they are damaged but the display is still functional : no need to throw away the whole assembly.

Our techniques do not suffer from the well know yellowing effect due to aging of poor quality glues.

glass bonding