lcd transmissif

LCDIS offers its display sourcing services to solve the troubles you might have in times of shortage, or because the display you need is obsolete.


This sourcing activity differs from the distribution of running products. The parts have to be located and their condition has to be checked carefully as they are bought out of the official market.
Sourcing yourself displays of uncertain origin and condition to unknown foreign companies is a risk that we can cancel for you.

Thanks to our worldwide network, we can offer a quote very quickly (typically less than 48 hours)

Our offers have a short validity because their are instant pictures of the stock situation. Reserving a stock is not possible, only ordering can. It is subject to prior sale (first come, first served).
For this reason, it is recommanded to order right after our quote if it fits your needs (it is not recommended to ask for a quote for a long term requirement as our offer will most of the time be changed, or availability will be different)
Our quotes are always subject to final reconfirmation, this takes up to 48 hours.

After confirmation, goods are checked by our supplier to make sure the goods are compliant with the quote condition. If the goods are compliant, they are delivered to LCDIS and check again.
If not, the goods are rejectd and we start new searches. In very occasionnal situations, the initial quote can be revised as the new availability we would have found might have different conditions.
In all cases, LCDIS will talk with you about those changes and you will be free to decide to proceed or stop.

LCDIS qualifies its suppliers, locates stocks and commits on the goods compliance.

Goods condition can be NEW (original manufacturer box or generic box), PULLED, NEW PULLED, REFURBISHED. Our offers clearly state what we offer.


lcd transmissif