large lcd display tn

Large LCD panels for outdoor applications are exposed to particularly harsh conditions: temperature, UV, humidity, high light levels.

STN and FSTN technologies are not suitable because of their limitations (viewing angles, contrast, power consumption, temperature)

Our LTN technology is the most successful solution for this use thanks to its operating temperature of -40°c to +85°c, its very wide viewing angles, and its high contrast. The LTN is naturally transflective and its power consumption is the lowest on the market. The LTN technology allows for energy self-sufficient panels by using moderate sized photovoltaic panels.

This makes these products ideal for installation locations where no power source has been provided and where bringing in the area would lead to too high civil engineering costs.

Typical application: Electronic city newspapers, traveller information signs, fixed or nomadic road signs, bus weathervanes etc…


Monochrome Graphic Modules up to 320×240 pixels

LCDIS has a very broad product line allowing us to offer modules fit / form / function compatible with your products.

  • – Chip On Board (COB) or Chip On Glass (COG)
  • – Positive or negative mode
  • – Transflective, reflective or transmissive polarizers
  • – Lighting : box type Backlight or Low Power Edgelight
  • – Temperature range :  0°c to +50°c or -20°c to +70°c
  • – Single voltage and 3 V versions available
  • – Optional built-in graphic controller
  • – Optional built-in DC/DC converter

NEW : RGB LED available

large lcd display tn