oled display

LCDIS is able to offer a wide range of OLED displays from suppliers such as VISIONOX, TRULY and RAYSTAR OPTRONICS.

OLED displays are emissive. They generate their own light without backlight. Each pixel is a small LED made of organic materials instead of semiconductors.

The first benefit is viewing angles that are unlimited unlike LCDs.

The second benefit is contrast. LCDs act like a light shutter modulating the light from the backlight. This shutter is not perfect, a small leakage exists, the black is never totally black (= no light). A good LCD has a contrast ratio in the range of 1000:1. An OLED display generates no light at all when asked to do so, thus contrast ratios are often far larger than 10.000:1 or even 100.000:1

The third main benefit is response time. Also just like a LED, it is instantaneous.

The power consumption is strictly proportional to the number of pixels activated / driven, so in most cases, it is lower than LCD, there are exceptions depending on your graphical content.

LCDIS is able to support your projects with standard and customized products for which we’ll assist to set up the right price to performance ratio

oled display