lcd transmissif

LCDIS offers its engineering services to develop your electronic board.

We have a significant expertise in this field with engineers having over 20 year experience in both hardware and software design. We work with the same ease on microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP or FPGA base. This is your guarantee to have your custom product in the shortest possible timeframe with the highest success and the minimal cost.

This strength differentiates us form standard distributors. We develop our own standard LCD controller boards, but also intelligent boards made to make of a display a man to machine interface, remote terminal etc…We specify, engineer and manufacture all the parts involved to offer a real turnkey solution.

Our knowledge is much beyond video acquisition and signal processing. Indeed, we also deal with ETHERNET and USB interfaces, removable mass storage devices etc…We develop both hardware and software in house. Virtually anything can be done.

Examples of custom products and success stories available upon request

lcd transmissif