lcd custom display

Wether you would like to developp a full custom module or just adapt an existing one to your needs (semi-custom), LCDIS will guide you. We have chosen our suppliers because they are one the only manufacturers who produce everything in-house, without sub-contracting some parts. This is our best guarantee of process control and of schedule compliance.

All the necessary competences are within the same factory, hence offering you the best reactivity :

  • 3D laser prototyping
  • Metal embossing / punching
  • Plastic injection
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Design and manufacture of light guides
  • SMT and trough hole assembly lines
  • Heat and humidity test chambers
  • Clean room for COG process
  • Resistive or projected capacitive touch screens.

LCD glass and fluid type

We can offer most types like TN, HTN, LTN, STN, FSTN, Black Mask, whatever the temperature range required.
The mode can either be positive or negative, the polarizers can be transmissive, reflective or transflective

LCD module construction

The connections to the LCD are made by pins, zebras, heat seal or FPC.
Colour ink printing is available for the fixed icons or for cosmetic purpose.

  • COB (chip On Board)
  • COF (Chip On Flex)
  • COG (Chip On Glass)

LCD mdules / sub-assemblies

Our suppliers can integrate your electronic components on the module, from your circuit and BOM, in order to save cost and space.
Thanks to its in-house R&D capability, LCDIS can also design your electronic circuits and then transfer the manufacturing files to the LCD factory. This leads to savings, both on time and price.
Thanks to their plastic injection capabilities, our suppliers can deliver the module with a lens, a front cover or even a finished product packed according to your instructions.

We have references in the medical / instrumentation field, as well as on many professionnal use products.
With over 10 years of experience, we surely have the smart ideas to optimize your time and costs.

lcd custom display