lcd transmissif

LCDIS has a very wide range of standard TFT LCD modules / panels from reputable suppliers such as EDT, DIGIWISE, DATAVISION, MITSUBISHI, CPT, TRULY, INNOLUX, LG , SAMSUNG etc…

LCDIS is able to design fully customized TFT LCD of any shape and resolution (bar, square, round etc…)

The transmissive TFT LCD works with a backlight. The LCD glass contains subpixels of Red, Green and Blue colour thanks to colour filters. Each of them acts like a light modulator or shutter to let the light flow through it or not by biasing the pixels electrodes, which creates a rotation of the LCD fluid molecules.

Various interfaces are offered : RGB and LVDS for the industrial products, MIPI for mobile products, V-by-One for large products, SPI / MCU for small size displays.

Nowadays, all backlights use white LED technology

Our product offer is made up of 3 families  :

Industrial range

Up to -30°c à +80°c operating temperature, virtually unlimited life cycle thanks to next models designed to be fully comptible with obsolete products.

The backlight half-life is 50.000 to 100.000 hours

Intermediate industrial range

-20°c à +70°c operating temperature, 3 to 5 years life cycles, attractive cost for performance and warranties supplied.

Low cost range

The main difference is short life cycles, 2 to 3 years, the benefit is cost.

Some models have built-in LED drivers (backlight constant current power supply). For those who don’t, LCDIS R&D department has developped its own LED drivers with unique features such as long life cycles, very wide operating temperature, remote supervision, automatic current derating with temperature etc…


lcd transmissif