LCDIS Presentation


LCDIS was created in 2004 to bring to the display market a real specialization.LCDIS is dedicated to the LCD display and its environment. Not only LCDIS distributes mono and colour displays but also their main accesories like touch panels, inverters, LED drivers, controller boards (VGA/VIDEO), cables etc…Since over 10 years, the business is global. Electronic distributors become bigger and bigger. They loose focus on special line and become broadliners. The LCD being at the crossing line of electronics, optics and mechanics, it appeared necessary to us to bring back added value and knowledge by creating a human size sales structure able to understand what customers want.

Our answers are fast and crystal clear. We talk you language and we can ensure you about our willigness to do our best to collaborate on complex projects thanks to our innovative solutions.
Wether you are in need of a standard product that we’ll help you to find, or a custom product that we’ll build for you, LCDIS is the right partner.

Our portfolio includes products suitable to consumer products up to military / high reliability products.

We also have in-house engineering service to design electronic board made to drive our displays. any intelligent board based on FPGA, microprocessors, or DSP can be custom built for you. This service is unique on the market and offers you a true on-stop shop with one assigend person as unique contact window. We’re here to make your projects simple !