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Simply your MMI designs with LCDIS !

It is now possible to give a colour MMI interface with a colour TFT display thanks to a single serial link (I2C / SPI /RS232). No more need of powerful micro with built-in graphic controller, all you need is to provide us one serial link.

That does not sound new to you ? It is true that Asian suppliers already provide plenty of such intelligent modules. The down-side is that they are not display experts and that you’ll never known what display is used inside. They just use the cheapest one. It is subject to change without prior notice and you can not afford that. This is were LCDIS brings innovative concept :

LCDIS suggests the suitable standard display (diagonal / resolution / brightness etc…). It is a stable model from our long term suppliers. You know what display you’ll get.

LCDIS adds the graphic engine / controller (RAIO / SOLOMON) and all its peripheral components (EEPROM for fonts, FLASH for pictures, DC/DC, LED driver etc…). The suitable memory size is chosen for your need. Once again, you’ll know what you’ll get.
LCDIS designs the proper PCB layout of a board that fits behind the display. It also can have mouting holes to ease the mechanical integration.
Virtually anything can be customized : like a specific connector brand / model ? want your own PCB varnish colour ? We can do it !
In case the standard display goes EOL, we deal with the changes on the PCB so that the new modules fits just right in place of the previous one without any changes of any kind. A good way to benefit from industrial-like life cycles without the cost of it.Not only this service allows you to add a MMI to your new projects but also allows an old design to be upgraded for a second life as such modules don’t use your CPU ressource to keep the image on the display. Therefore, even limited performance micros can benefit from our intelligent displays.

In terms of graphic design, each page is simply built by sending commands through the serial link. Tell the display what is background image number, the font and size for the text, the colours to use, which icons to use for buttons and that’s it.

Goods news : this service is available for quantities as small as 100 pieces per order

Examples of controllers successfully used recently : RA8871 / RA8873 / RA8876 / RA8877 / SSD1963

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tft display