lcd transmissif

As an expert in displays, LCDIS can specify the proper upgrades that your base panel might need to meet your readability requirements. Most common solutions on the market are have side effects that make them wrong choices for the long term reliability. Most of the time, they are just based on increasing the brightness, which is very insufficient.

Our solutions are using brightness increase, both passively and actively, but also surface improvement to decrease its reflectance. The right materials to laminate or to bond on your panels is a combination of application oriented constraints. Therefore, there is no unique solution, only tailored solutions. Decreasing the front reflectance is not only quantitative, but qualitative. A low reflection material can specular type or diffusing type or both with a specific ratio. Our experience will save a lot of experimental time to find the right solution at first.

LCDIS is the official distributor of BISEARCH in France, which has a broad range of suitable standard products. We also work case by case with any other brand of panel as the techniques applied are not related to a brand but universal.

An application note from our experts is available upon request

lcd transmissif