consulting lcdis

LCDIS offers consulting services in various fields:

  • Help in technological choices (screens)
    Choice of architectures (electronics) / Writing of specifications
  • Optimization / reliability of your designs (hardware / software)
  • Maintenance in operational conditions (MCO)
  • Verification of the thermal management of your integrations

These services can be carried out on your premises. They are short missions, typically one to a few days. They can be done at any stage of the project: pre-study / feasibility, study, production or after-sales.

Contact us to define how we can help you.

    Monochrome Graphic Modules up to 320×240 pixels

    LCDIS has a very broad product line allowing us to offer modules fit / form / function compatible with your products.

    • – Chip On Board (COB) or Chip On Glass (COG)
    • – Positive or negative mode
    • – Transflective, reflective or transmissive polarizers
    • – TN / HTN / STN / ASTN / VATN / FSTN / DFSTN
    • – Lighting : box type Backlight or Low Power Edgelight
    • – Temperature range :  0°c to +50°c or -20°c to +70°c
    • – Single voltage and 3 V versions available
    • – Optional built-in graphic controller
    • – Optional built-in DC/DC converter

    NEW : RGB LED available

    Dive into superior visual performance with our LCD Graphic Displays, featuring state-of-the-art technology and customization options.

    consulting lcdis