CM3 PLAYER is a new product in the continuity of our range of TFT display control boards: It is designed in France, by LCDIS, with the objective of reliability, durability and flexibility. Its manufacturing is also entirely French, using active and passive components from major brands.


The CM3 PLAYER board is based on the CM3+ Compute Module from the Raspberry Pi foundation. The availability is guaranteed at least until January 2026.

CM3 PLAYER has been designed to be a product of the most universal use in various applications such as PID, DID, PLV. Its main use is as an embedded industrial player, involving durability and extended operating temperature. Any other application is possible since the customer is free to choose his software.


Using the Raspberry ecosystem, it is very easy to develop your business application on the board. The programming is done simply through the micro-USB port without unplugging the CM3+ module.

The LVDS port can drive single or dual channel displays with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080.

CM3 PLAYER integrates 4 USB ports both external and internal. I2C, SPI or UART expansion ports allow easy connection of expansion cards or interfacing with existing equipment.

The “business card” design allows us to offer flexible hardware customization at low cost and without the need for large quantities. It is possible to add functions required in your field such as a second cloned LVDS output, active power protections in case of battery power, PoE power supply, Ethernet switch etc…

General characteristics

9-36VDC power supply (in practice, the backlight voltage of your display)
100BT Ethernet
Single or dual channel LVDS
4 x USB (type A doubled by MOLEX 53261)
Extensions: I2C, SPI, UART, 6 x GPIO
Class D amplifier 2 x 2.5W
Audio line output
CM3 module with eMMC or external SDCARD
Total height < 10mm
Operating temperature -20°c to +70°c
4 mounting holes for heat sink
Dimensions 155 x 80 mm