The DT010TFT is a 1 inch TFT LCD module with 80 x 160 RGB resolution. This small LCD screen uses a 4-wire Serial Protocol Interface (SPI) to communicate with the driver IC (Ilitek ILI9163) and has a 6 o’clock viewing angle. The single chip driver IC for this transmissive TFT LCD provides a full color display mode of 262K colors. This TFT LCD is ideal to be used as an indicator or to display simple icons and information.
The 1″ LCD module includes a color TFT-LCD panel, a driver IC, FPC, and a white LED backlight unit.

Technical Information

Diagonal Size 1.0 in
Resolution 80 (RGB) x 160
Module Size 16 mm (W) x 26.8 mm (H)
Active Area 11.52 mm x 20.16 mm
Pixel Size 0.144 mm x 0.126 mm
Viewing Direction 6 o’clock
Interface Type 4-wire SPI