Finding a controller is not a big deal. Many asian companies are experts in such devices as they are the design houses for most consumer LCD monitors and LCD TV’s.

They also have the localization advantage of being where the main scaler chips manufacturers are. Some applications can accept to use such  0 to +50°C rated low cost controllers.

Some applications don’t need the controller to be available as it is during 5 to 10 years. Some DO ! 

That’s where we are : as an added value specialized distributor of LCD solutions, LCDIS developed proprietary controller boards to connect your LCD’s to any source : DVI, HDMI, VGA, VIDEO

Our controllers are industrial, ie they were built with high MTBF and long life cycle in mind (10 years)
We trust our products so much that our boards come with a limited 3 year warrantyTheir MTBF is over one million hours.

In order to achieve this commitments, we have decided not to use scaler chips that are all subject to constant changes. They also are not compatible with -40°c to +85°c operation temperature like our products are.

Our solution is to use FPGA only.

The boards being totally programmable, they can also embed a lot of customer tailored extra functions like cropping, resizing, startup logo etc….LCDIS is selling this product as a base brick totally optimized case by case according to your projects.

These very versatile products have often been the entrance door to discussions about totally customized boards where we added a lot of intelligence or connectivity like USB ports, ETHERNET etc…

Just let us know what you are seeking, and we’ll make it for you very fast for a fraction of the cost you would imagine.