Let’s be frank : Most manufacturers of LED drivers sell good parts at quite expensive price.

As a Value Added Distributor, LCDIS has decided to do things against the flow. We have designed a line of LED drivers, firstly matched for the range of MITSUBISHI TFT panels that we sell, but that is so universal that any toher brand can be adapted.

No special IC there, just DISCRETE components to offer long life cycles.

Our products offer up 6 independant outputs for 6 LED strings, with a current capability of over 150 mA on each.

They work from -40°c up to +85°c

Those LED drivers are totally protected against short circuit or open circuit. The board includes 6 status LED that give you at first glance the state of each output.

Wether the LED is on, off or blinking, you know immedialty if th eoutput is operating safely, if the load is missing or if the load is a short circuit. All the servo loop is controlled by a microprocessor.

Derating control

Manufacturers all mention the nominal LED current at ambient temperature and give a derating curve versus temperature. In other words, the message is clear : “do it yourself” !

Do you feel like ading a temperature sensor and all the circuity to deal with this ?

At LCDIS, we have decided that “worry free” product is what our customers need. Our LED drivers have the TFT manufacturer derating curve programmed for you panel specification

Just plug it in, power it up and never mind about temperature : the current will automatically decrease as specified when the temperature increases.

Simple is beautiful, Smart design is efficient and reliable. Simple and  smart design is low cost.

Let’s talk about your requirements !