HDMINI-T : HDMI TO LVDS BRIDGE / simple interface

by | Jun 26, 2018 | LCDIS R&D, TFT LCD CONTROLLERS | 2 comments

LCDIS has interfaced the  brand new CPT 12.3″ TFT module from their Automotive division for a customized project. We have used our DS600 TFT controller board.

LCDIS has designed a custom LED driver and made a custom firmware. This module is using HFFS technology, therefore viewing angles are 170° both axis

This 12.3″ TFT module offers a great 1000:1 contrast and a high luminance of 700 cd/m²

Thanks to its dual DVI connectors, various displays can be daisy-chained from a single ouptut, DS600 controllers clones the input to the second DVI connector.

DS600 is a FPGA based controller designed by LCDIS R&D departement. Therefore, we are able to offer over 10 years of product cycle without any component change.

This controller is designed and manufactured in France.


  1. Hi
    I am interesting on this HDMI-2-LVDS converter.
    Do you have a detailed data sheet about?
    Do you have parts on stock?
    If I would need 1000 – 2000pcs. in a short time frame, is that possible?
    I would be pleased, if you can answer close next time.
    Best regards

    • Hello, thank you for your message. We will contact you today


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