HDMINI-X : HDMI to LVDS controller for RASPBERRY PI (or any HDMI computer)

by | May 3, 2016 | LCDIS R&D, TFT LCD CONTROLLERS | 7 comments

LCDIS has interfaced the  brand new CPT 12.3″ TFT module from their Automotive division for a customized project. We have used our DS600 TFT controller board.

LCDIS has designed a custom LED driver and made a custom firmware. This module is using HFFS technology, therefore viewing angles are 170° both axis

This 12.3″ TFT module offers a great 1000:1 contrast and a high luminance of 700 cd/m²

Thanks to its dual DVI connectors, various displays can be daisy-chained from a single ouptut, DS600 controllers clones the input to the second DVI connector.

DS600 is a FPGA based controller designed by LCDIS R&D departement. Therefore, we are able to offer over 10 years of product cycle without any component change.

This controller is designed and manufactured in France.


  1. Hello,
    We are interested in the HDMINI product for driving a 1280×720 pico projector device with an LCD565 interface @60Hz. Please indicate whether your product could handle this. If yes, then please give an indication of cost, MOQ and lead time.
    Best regards,
    Javid K, Managing Director

    • Thank your for your interest. Any LCD interface can be implemented thanks to the FPGA inside allowing any processing.
      I sent you an email to take the discussion to a further point.

  2. I’d like to know the cost and lead time please, any chance to get a test unit?

    • Please send us an email about your project details to evaluate if you can qualify for a test unit

  3. Hello,
    I have a NanoPC-T4 with android, it has a eDP 1.3 30Pin and HDMI output. I want to use a 8:3 1920×720 LCD panel with 40Pin LVDS input. Is it possible to drive that LCD Panel with your product?

    • Hello, yes it should be possible from the HDMI output with a custom video mode in the EDID. If your inquiry is for a single unit, we are sorry to be unable to support due to the cost involved in custom making the cables set by hand for a given display and the EDID development.If your inquiry is for a production project, please contact us by email directly !

  4. Hello, we want to built a demonstrator to test grafik content on a 800*480TFT display. The demonstrator will be directly connected to a standard PC via HDMI. Today it is planned to use either a TFT with RGB or LVDS interface. According to the description the HDMINI-X should be able to support this.
    Will it be possible to realize this demonstrator with the HDMINI-X?
    Are both interfaces supported at the same time?
    Please could you provide a price indication for the board and the needed engineering efforts at your side?
    Thanks in advance.


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