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The readability of your TFT panels can be seriously reduced by the sunlight, especially if its front polarizer is antiglare type. Indeed, antiglare is efficient for diffuse light like it is found in indoor use.

The option is not to use higher brightness panels like ones mistakenly preted. This would not avoid the milky / washed-out look of your pictures !

The option is to reduce surface reflections by glueing an Anti-reflection glass (AR). Thanks to optically transparent glues, it is possible to mount such a glass.

The benefits are huge : the air gap, known as source of reflections, is canceled. The gap is now filled. This prevents moisture, which is very demanded in marine environments or outdoor kiosks.

The added glass has a reflectivity of about 0.5 %, reducing by over 200 the light intensity of the reflected light sources. There also many other indirect advantages of using a bonded glas on a TFT panel :

– In terms of average operating temperature, you will notice a decrease as the glass acts like a heatsink

– No more moisture or condensation, so no maintenance 

– Impact resistance by using tempered glass or other type of toughened glasses of adequate thickness

The glass doesn not need to be just at the viewing area size. It can overlap the bezel to seal the panel. It can also be much larger than the TFT overall size and be the front panel of your product by using suitable ink printing.

Any combination of materials in sandwich can be used like adding a touch panel or a metal mesh