OCA/OCR Optical bonding for LCD displays

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Optical Bonding is a very elegant technique that brings you many benefits. LCDIS is expert in optical bonding since 2004.

Usually, the number one reason for wanting an optically bonded display is outdoor use. Removing the air gap between your display and its cover glass or touch panel brings many advantages :

  • Better light transmission by optical index matching between different materials
  • reduces the heat generated by the air gap
  • prevents condensation, moisture, fungus and dust
  • reduces unwanted light reflection and refraction (contrast increase)
  • increases impact resistance by absorbing the shock energy
  • improves thermal management, the cover glass acting like a heatsink
  • improves readability by using AR, AG or ARAG surface treatment.
  • eases mounting as most of the time the display is bonded strong enough to the cover material and needs no screwing.

Optical bonding is a must-have for high brightness displays

High brightness is not sufficient to guarantee sunlight readability as it does not adress the surface reflections issue which must be fought.

Optical bonding requires a know-how and a deep analysis of the reasons why it is needed. It is impossible to use the same glue for any application as the choice of it will depend on the display size. The temperature range has to be carefully considered to ensure the long term reliability.

The way the glue is applied is important (horizontally, vertically, with or without dam etc..). The curing method also must be considered if you want to make sure no mura will appear after some time (heat, UV, vacuum etc…)

LCDIS is experienced with both OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive, also called dry bonding) and OCR (Optically Clear Resin, also called wet/liquid bonding). LCDIS can address industrial, automotive, medical, and military projects.

The bonding technique allows to stack several functional layers without limitation, for example :

  • Display + cover lens
  • Display + EMI mesh + cover lens
  • Display + touch panel
  • Display + EMI mesh + touch panel
  • Display + touch panel + cover lens
  • Display + IR / UV filter + cover lens

Other combinations available


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