AA190EA01 : the ultimate 19″ SXGA TFT LCD with 1500 cd/m²

by | May 2, 2016 | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC TFT, TFT DISPLAYS | 0 comments

Mitsubishi Electric is introducing the world’s first 19.0” Super-XGA color TFT-LCD modules for industrial use. The new product AA190EA01 with a super high brightness of 1500cd/m2 and a long lifetime of 100.000 hours is mainly designed for excellent performance in rugged outdoor digital signage applications.
The AA190EA01 achieves a top level wide operating temperature range from -20 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this model can be implemented in applications in rugged outdoor environments.
The same display exists with built-in PCAP touch panel (AA190EA01-DE1)
AA190EB02 is lower cost version availabe with 800cd/m²
The new modules are equipped with a built-in LED driver and Light Emitting Diode (LED) backlight, providing a longer lifetime and enhanced efficiency. Through built-in LED drivers the modules. The TFT-LCD modules with market leading long-life LED backlight performance can be operated without an inverter. At 25 degrees Celsius, LED backlights have an operating life time of at least 100,000 hours. The TFT-LCD modules offer a brightness of 1500cd/m2, making them suitable for operation under rugged conditions.
TFT-LCD modules are being used more and more frequently for digital signage in various environments and applications, raising the demand for models offering extra brightness, durability and heat/cold resistance for outdoor use. At the same time, end-users are demanding even larger screens and higher resolutions to display as much information as possible on one screen.


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