TFT displays with Quantum Dot backlight !

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The Quantum dot technology has become familiar thanks to a famous Korean TV manufacturer. In a normal TFT display, the light source is white and the colors are created by going through RGB filter inside the subpixels of each pixel. The limitation is the color saturation level which is a compromise with transmissivity.
In a Quantum Dot TFT display, the RGB films are replaced by Quantum Dot nanocrystals that become fluroescent when excited by a blue light source, creating a very wide color spectrum that gets close to what OLED technology does.
Until TFT glass manufacturers addressing the industrial market decide to introduce this technology inside the pixel, it is already possible to greatly enhance the color spectrum of a high performance TFT display.
The original white LED based backlight is replaced by a blue LED backlight with a QDEF film (Quantum Dot Enhancement Film). The color spectrum becomes much wider than the best white LED backlights.
If your next application is color sensitive, contact us !
QDEF backlight


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