Just another RASPBERRY PI HAT ? NO !
HD616 is our newest controller for LCD TFT. We kept all the good ingredients from the previous models (FPGA architecture, wide temperature and long life cycle) and added a little BGA spices to shrink it to the point it can now fit as a Raspberry Pi hat !
HD616 can be used as a standalone miniature HDMI TFT controller or as a hat for your favorite Raspberry Pi computer.
HD616 accepts up to FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) on both input and output and can operate up to the -40°c to +85°c temperature range (option). It embbeds an I2C to USB converter in case your display has built-in capactive touch panel (custom FW case by case), great for small size displays (and therefore small resolution)
About small resolution displays, you love Raspberry but it is unable to drive them. HD616 is the solution : thanks to the image cropping function, HD616 displays the image portion of the input signal that matches the display native resolution. Example : need Raspberry for its processor power but only need a small control display like a 3.5″ QVGA: HD616 will take any input signal that the OS knows, even FHD, nd will only output 320×240, convenient isn’t it ?
Please note that this is an industrial product. We did not design HD616 for the DIY market, so if your are an individual and can not afford NRE to customize the FW for a specific display, please consider the displays and adapters from your favorite Raspberry Pi accessories suppliers. HD616 is a piece of hardware that runs a firmware. FW needs tuning and configuration for each display, so engineer time is involved to match HD616 to it. This has a cost. Thank you for your understanding.